Tax Fraud Alert from Denver District Attorney!

Mar 24, 2015

Please read the Consumer Advisory from the office of the Denver District Attorney with tips on how to avoid tax fraud this year.

March2015TaxScams (CLICK)

The State of Colorado has implemented a process for state tax refunds this year due to an increase in online refund fraud. 

Most taxpayers will be receiving their refund via check, even if they requested a direct deposit.   Attached to the check will be a letter, informing the taxpayer the reason for the check being issued.  The letter will instruct the taxpayer to verify the refund amount is correct.

If the taxpayer received a check AND HAS NOT YET FILED THEIR TAXES,  OR THE AMOUNT IS NOT WHAT THEY WERE EXPECTING, OR THEY DID NOT EXPECT ANY REFUND, they are instructed to immediately contact the Colorado State Department of Revenue FRAUD HOTLINE – 303-205-8338.  This phone number will be listed on the letter.

A verification will be completed, and the taxpayer will then receive a fraud verification letter.

The tax payer is then requested to file an identity theft report with their local police department.  The letter must accompany any report taken by law enforcement.

Stay Safe,

Maro Casparian

Director Consumer Protection

Denver DA Office


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