Dawn’s Favorite Charities!

Jun 18, 2015

Many people who create an estate plan with Ambler Keenan Mitchell Johnson address charities in their estate planning documents. We welcome suggestions of your favorite charities, and we hope these inspirational stories will make an impact in your life as well.

This week we have a few of Dawn’s favorite organizations to introduce. Dawn is a Drafting Paralegal at Ambler Keenan Mitchell Johnson.

Dumb Friends League

Dumb Friends LeagueIn 1910, an organization was born to rescue, care for, advocate for, and educate communities about sick, neglected, homeless, mistreated, and injured animals. Their goal, by 2018, is to have a 90% or greater placement rate for all cats and dogs who are looking for homes. They also spay, neuter, and microchip local homeless animals, and provide these services at a lower cost in an effort to prevent the numbers of homeless and uncared for animals from rising.

To contact the Dumb Friends League, or to make a donation or inquire about pet adoption, visit their website at http://www.ddfl.org.

ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

ASPCAIn 1866 citizens cared enough about preventing cruelty to animals that they started the ASPCA in New York City. The 3 main topics they focus on are community outreach, animal health services, and anti-cruelty initiatives. They provide mobile spay and neuter clinics, adoption centers, legal advocacy, animal poison control center, veterinary outreach, and learning programs. The nationwide organization has changed millions of lives, animals and people, and is working toward changing millions more.

If you have questions for ASPCA, or to donate, visit their website at www.aspca.org.

Save the Rhino

Save the Rhino

You may not know of this charitable organization, but they are making a huge impact on what is left of the rhino population in the world. They work to conserve, protect, and raise awareness of rhinos in Africa and Asia. In a very funky way, this organization was started, and continues to be promoted, by using a donated rhino costume to participate in marathons. Parties in the UK were a big way of funding this organization, and it quickly gained publicity, which also helped it grow in its mission of educating people and protecting the rhinos!

For more information on Save the Rhino, or to donate or volunteer, visit their website at https://www.savetherhino.org.

We look forward to bringing information on more wonderful charities to you soon. If you have a recommendation, please email it to Lindsey@ambler-keenan.com.

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